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a very exciting date in your teens calender, something they have been working towards for a good few years. After all their hard work over time they get to let loose, dress up and celebrate this pivotal moment in their lives.

"The Dress"

They're all fabulous and a lot of time and effort has gone in to finding the one that they can't wait to put on on the night and show off to thier freinds. It's not every day we get to see them all dressed up and it's too good of an oportunity to miss and that's where I come in. I can either come to your home where we head outside and take some lovely crisp fun photos or we can head out to a local beauty spot for a slighly more dramatic backdrop, either way you'll have a wonderful record of this moment in time to look back on. It's fun and relaxed and I find after a couple of clicks the children start to lean in to it a little more and sometimes even suggest poses!

Let's not forget the guys!

Looking equally as gorgeous you can see the time and effort they have put into thier apperance for this special night and they know the camera loves them!

Pre prom party

Pre prom party..

This is very popular and makes for a lovely album . Usaually I would take some individual photos of your teen to capture the detail of thier dress/suit, hair and make up, then I would spend the rest of my time with you capturing candid shots of them having fun with thier friends. It's such a lovely relaxed style of photography .


Home or Location

30-40 minutes of photography and you'll recieve a minimum of 10 digital images in an online gallery for you to download.



60-90 minutes of photography where you'll recieve a healthy secetion of digital images in an online gallery for you to download.